Out of the box solutions to free up your office space

Remember the days when data was confined and tethered to physical servers? Today, advancements in technology have brought us virtual servers, meaning bulky infrastructure is now a thing of the past. Virtualization services from One Dot Zero allow you to do more with less, thanks to technology that is remotely delivered via the Internet.

With One Dot Zero’s offsite storage on your side, virtualizing your internal technology has never been easier. You can virtualize everything from networks to storage, laptop, operating systems, and applications.

Virtualization solutions from One Dot Zero let you enjoy:

  • Reduced costs - no expensive hardware necessary
  • Increased uptime - quickly recover from power outages
  • Better disaster recovery - with seamless data restoration solutions
  • Green credentials - fewer servers means lower electricity bills

Let virtualization transform the way you run your business.

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